Flannel & Frizz

Did you know that I'm officially #gradwaiting (I mean, hopefully I didn't fail any course)? I've been resting for a good 2 weeks, not thinking of anything (but blogging) and soon off to a 1 week getaway with the boyfriend/photographer! I'm so psyched and I can't wait to get out of Macau even just for a while.

 This was taken a few weeks ago when my photographer came back from his trip. After 2 weeks of no blogging, it was great to take pictures again. He was so silly! He made me a Dior endorser as a joke because their name could fit the frame. He then decided to take lots of pictures with it! It was funny and I ended up having lots of raw photos looking like a Dior model :P What's ironic is that I'm not even wearing anything Dior! 

Well that's it for my new look and my random story-telling about our blog moments. It just feels great to share with other people sometimes! Till next time!  

x Dress, Bag & Sunnies: H&M // Necklace: Factorie // Lace ups & Watch: Something Borrowed x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)