Currently in Paradise

CURRENTLY LIVING THE LIFE! Hahaha :)) I'm still in the Philippines and we just left Boracay yesterday so expect more summer-ish beach blogging and vlogging like this! Since I haven't prepared anything, let's do yet again, another throwback. 

This was taken just last month when the sun started to shine in Macau after months of clouds and darkness. You can check the celebration and other pictures on my post "Farewell May". I was so excited back then for our trip that I already wanted to practice taking shots like these (crazy, am I right?)

But compared to Cheoc Van Beach in Macau, Boracay is way more beautiful! Hopefully this trip is the start of the many travels I'm planning to have for the blog! The next trip we might possibly have is in Thailand on December with the whole family; although, it's still being planned as of now.

I'm sorry guys, but I'm really in vacation mode right now, being a beach bum and everything. So this is all I could say for this blogpost! Be back to you soon when I feel like going back to reality!

x Off-shoulder Top, Slit Skirt & Sunnies: H&M // Sandals: Velvet (Zalora HK) // Necklace: Palawan x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)