DAY 1: Hello Boracay!

Finally touched down in Boracay! After almost 3 hours just to get there from Kalibo International Airport and Caticlan Jetty Port, we made it safe and sound at our beachfront hotel! 

Our departure flight was delayed for almost an hour due to the sudden change in weather. We were in the airport when we saw the rain started to pour really hard and a thunderstorm warning was hoisted. In an instant, I was already sad expecting that our whole 4 day trip to Boracay would be a bust. Not to mention, the skies were also dark during our 2-hour bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan.

By the time we got to Boracay, the rain stopped; and since it was also late in the afternoon, we were unsure if it was dark of nightfall or bad weather. It was already 4:00 in the afternoon and the 1st thing we thought of was getting food. Being tired from the trip, we felt a bit lazy to find somewhere special to eat so we ended up eating in "Yellow Cab" (note that we already had pizza in the airport; it was a pizza kinda day!).

We freshened up back at the hotel and went back out to tour the 3 Stations of Boracay. Luckily enough, our hotel was located in between Stations 2 & 3, so we were just beside serenity and nightlife! Boracay at night is just as beautiful as its day, it was so lively, filled with lights and music! I definitely didn't expect that! To end our 1st night, we lounged around "Om Bar" (highly recommended!); feeling the sea breeze, relaxing on bean bags and enjoying cocktails... It was truly beautiful!

Boracay Travel Vlog is now up on my YouTube Channel! I also made a Philippines Travel Vlog to show you what we did during the rest of our trip. Make sure to give them a thumbs up and it would make me so happy if you subscribe! Let me know if you like the vlogs and if I should do more :) 

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad) & Me
Date: BORACAY - June 08 - 11, 2016 // PHILIPPINES - June 07 - 14, 2016