DAY 2 (Part 2/3): Water Fun

As I've mentioned in the 1st part of this post, DAY 2 (Part 1/3): Another Day In Paradise, we got to do lots of activities while we were in Boracay thanks to our guide Stewart! By 10 a.m., we went to the other side of the island where all the water activities were being held. Best thing about having a guide is that they do all negotiations for you. We didn't even need to worry about holding on to our tickets!

A speedboat ride was needed to get to their stations in the middle of the ocean. We started off with parasailing; we were so high up in the air! It was beautiful but nerve wracking at the same time, they even dipped us in the ocean for a minute. Next was the jet ski, I have to be honest, I was terrified and my boyfriend was even asking if we could go faster..... No freaking way! I didn't even bother learning how to drive, it was almost 15-20 minutes of torture.

Before the island hopping and the short snorkeling session, we did one of the activities I was really worried about: Helmet diving. I'm scared of snakes and being near sea snakes would ruin my whole day. I don't like fish either so being under water for quite a long time was really rough for me! Don't get me wrong though, despite how scared I was with our activities, I manned up and forced myself to do them, and even ended up having so much fun and memories! My advice? Always challenge yourself!

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad) & Me
Date: BORACAY - June 08 - 11, 2016 // PHILIPPINES - June 07 - 14, 2016