Free the Shoulders

This was taken a few days before our trip to Shanghai, so I guess it's another throwback! Whether it's summer or winter, I'm always down to showing my shoulders! Because it's the only thing I could reveal without looking fat :P (Or maybe I do, but to me, I don't!). 

Since it was sometime in winter, the pictures have their usual grey filter due to cloudy weather. I wasn't actually sure if I wanted to post this, but then again, why not? Every blogger has got to start somewhere even if it's failed edits and unattractive outfits.

Currently I'm in Philippines (as you can see in my Instagram account) so the internet is really bad. I literally tried uploading this just to keep up with the blog schedule :) #dedicated! Well are you currently on vacay too? Let me know! And excuse my quick throwback post!

x Off-shoulder Sweater & Boots: Local Shop // Outer Sweater: Esprit // Shorts: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)