Cavite & QC | A Weekend In The Philippines

It's my first time to go to the Philippines for just a weekend. Like, I didn't even think I'd ever do that. For this case I had one sole reason: to go to Sophia's 18th birthday. Background? Well, she's my boyfriend's cousin whom we really got along with before she settled in the Philippines. She was more or less our little sister. During my debut on 2012, her and her sister Sandra were apart of my "candles" (18 special ladies who'd say their wishes and soppy messages during debuts). I didn't get to go to Sandra's debut in the Philippines because of some school issues, so I promised I'd go during Sophia's! And now was that time. I only remembered two and a half weeks before so everything was pretty rushed. There was no plan at all, just that I had to attend her birthday! So I filed my leave, bought a ticket and met up with my Adrian who was already in Philippines a day before I came. That wasn't the only thing I did during my weekends.....

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I went to get my favorite lemonade, twice! I went swimming at the subdivision's club; go to Ilocos for the first time (Ilocos | A Weekend In The Philippines); and got to meet David and Nikkie again. All in all, I think all I did during this three days trip was sit in cars and minivans for long hours. You'd know more when you read my Ilocos blog. And although my main point was to attend the debut, sadly we only stayed for an hour or so. We didn't even get to mingle with Sandra and Sophia as much since there was a lot of people. I was kinda sad to leave the place so early but at least I got to see them after a year of leaving Macau.

I know that I'd always get to see them anyway. The ride from Cavite (where I was staying) to Quezon City (the debut's venue) was one of the most absurd moments during the trip. It was raining heavily from time to time and we were stuck in traffic for like four hours in a minivan. Oh how my butt was relieved from standing up once we got out of the vehicle. One of the funnest moments was when we just got back from Ilocos to Cavite at around 3:45 a.m. and then we played Cards Against Humanity with David and Nikkie. Sum it all up? It was a fun weekend. I got to do so much, meet new people, reconnect with some people, see new places, and do new things! Definitely wished I had a longer stay.

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Date: Aug 17-20, 2017
Venue: Mainly around Cavite and Quezon City