Cha Bei with Bae - Foodie Review

Today on #KateeOTD, we venture out to try Instagram-worthy food; and what better way do it than Macau's famous Lifestyle Cafe - Cha Bei. Located in Galaxy Hotel Macau, the cafe itself looks upright fancy! It's been the talk of Macau's "must-try's" since it opened in Jan. 05, 2017. I've always wanted to try it for myself, but I never got the chance until 5 months later after it opened. Well now I'm here to share with you what makes this lifestyle cafe outshine others. Originally, our plan was to try the most hyped tea-set served in what I think looks like a jewelry box (you can search Cha Bei in Instagram and it's for sure to pop up). I just got off work and 6:00pm and unfortunately it's the same time their tea time ends.

Wanting to try it so bad we still went on and had their 'Hearty & Healthy Set Dinner' which was around MOP300 for 2 people as I remember, it's not in the online menu so I couldn't be sure. Below are some basic info about their menu and venue. I've also included my personal opinions to help you decide next time you try!

My selections (3 course meal + drinks):
Appetizer - Warm Mushroom Salad
Main - White Beef Stew
Dessert - Raspberry Cream Brulee
Drink - Rose Tea

Adrian's selections (3 course meal + drinks):
Appetizer - Lobster Bisque
Main - Shanghainese Noodle
Dessert - Vacherin Of Mango And Passion
Drink - Apple Cider

I really like the details they put into everything. Their tableware, decor and seating arrangements, and even their food presentation. If you are fond of taking so much pictures (like me) then I guarantee you won't stop taking pictures here until you have no more space in your memory. 

Least fave:
I didn't really like the staff and their customer service. I've been here twice in 2 months and got the same level of service (and smug) from almost every employee I've encountered. In relation to the staff issue, their food serving time is a bit odd. We waited for about 30mins to get my Warm Mushroom Salad, and when I got it, it already got cold and dry.

Exterior & Interior: 8/10
- I love anything that's picture-worthy. Their designs will definitely hook on to anyone passing by. Every seating area is different and with pretty flower arrangements on each table. An attention catching flower shop that sells unique flowers and of course the swinging chair that you MUST take a photo with! The only factor that could've made it better is if it were outdoors. But I guarantee you'll love every details there is to see.

Food and Drinks: 6/10
- Again, I love anything that's picture-worthy, and their food platter definitely is! However, not everything we had tasted great. In all honesty we ended up only liking our desserts and the Warm Mushroom Salad. Everything else was... how do I say it? Confusing? Off? Or just... not tasty.

Extra Information
- They have a lifestyle stationery and flower shop which are all tempting. Their packaging and color palettes are amazing!
- On weekends (Fridays to Sundays), you'd definitely have to wait at least 1 hour in line just for their special tea set. I'd recommend just buying cakes, ice cream, macaroons, snacks, etc. from their Grab N' Go counter.
- Everything is a bit pricey. So you'd have to be ready on  spending a tad bit more if you'd really want to try.

MENU TYPE: Hearty & Healthy Set Dinner
VENUE: 1/F, Shop#1047 @ The Promenade, Galaxy Macau, Cotai Strip
OPERATION HOURS (SET DINNER ONLY): Monday - Thursday 06:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m. | Friday - Sunday 06:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
TELEPHONE #: (+853) 8883 2221

x Date: June 14,2017 x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)