Ultra Matte Lip - REVIEW

Obviously addicted to Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip selection. I currently have eight regular sizes and five minis. About 70% of my whole make-up set is made up of just Colourpop cosmetics and I am unstoppable!!! I've listed all my swatches and my favorites in this review so keep scrollin'....

I am in love with matte lipsticks! It was difficult for me before to find good quality ones because some of my earlier purchases weren't as solid as Colourpop. The 1st shade I bought was Bumble, which is absolutely my favorite until this moment. It's actually the lippie I'm wearing in my photos! Some of my other favorites are: Clueless, Creeper, and More Better. As you can see from my swatches above, my color range isn't really very far off. I have lots of dark, mauve-brown tones, quite a few purplish tones, two red lippie choices, and some nude-brown tones. 

I would say though that some of the Ultra Matte Lips I got were a bit of a hit and miss. I didn't enjoy their color on me as much, and they seem slightly different from how they were advertised. Still... I wear them occasionally and when I feel like it. When it comes to application and wearability, I'd say Colourpop scores a 7/10.  A few of my items actually dry up my lips just a few minutes after applying it and doesn't even go all the way to full coverage. However, most of them does stay on my lips for a whole day even without re-applying... I know... weird. But... good weird! 

One of Colourpop's best traits is their affordability. It's not easy to get good quality mattes for a price as low as MOP80 - MOP100 in Macau. All thanks to my good suppliers @kyliecosmetic_hongkong for hooking me up with this incredible brand. If ever you're in Macau, Hong Kong or Philippines, they are the people to contact! Overall rating of Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip? Combining all important factors, from their application, wearability, long-lasting, color choices, and affordability: they score an 8/10 for me! Well that's it for today, if you haven't bought one already, I highly suggest you do!

x Top: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)