Pop Of Millennial Pink

Hands down, one of my fave colors is the millennial pink, sometimes associated as the matte version of rose gold. Am I mainstream? I'd say I am for liking this color so much that I have countless things such as clothes, accessories, and even make up that are all in millennial pink. Ugh... how do I stop this obsession? I guess I just don't.

I know it's summer now so that's why I'm putting all my left over winter looks that I haven't posted yet. This is one of my favorite looks btw! Take off the millennial pink beanie and I'd look like a ninja, wearing all black (and grey) from head to toe. Not to mention, it was one of those good make up-make up days! Wearing all black made the pink and red tints on my face pop up. I don't normally wear pink and red together, but my Kylie Lipkit in Ginger (my fave shade so far of the franchise) really works well with anything, literally anything, that I wear! Not to mention how it compliments my skin color.

Fun fact about this look though; I didn't realize I was wearing the sweater backwards until I removed it. I giggled by myself for my own stupidity. But hey, it's not obvious in the shots anyway right? Or is it? Oh well, just one of my many random blog moments. I said I'll only be posting once a week, but expect a lot more this month since I'm trying to push all winter and long-forgotten blogposts. So I guess I'll see you soon! *Muah* 

x Sweater & Beanie: Pull and Bear // Skirt, Bag & Jacket: Forever21 // Shoes: Nike Roshe Runs x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)