HUSH 2017

Nothing could go wrong when you combine music and the beach. Went on a 2-day music fest, the closest thing we have to Coachella in Macau, HUSH 2017! It was a whole new experience compared to the previous years, keep reading to know why! VLOG included too btw!

HUSH 2017 is the most memorable so far. Well... to be honest I've only went three times: the 5th one last 2009, the 6th one in 2010, and this year at their 12th. It wasn't the 1st year they've held it at Hac Sa Beach either. But for some reason, this year felt extra special. Kudos to those organizers for creating an unforgettable event! Before heading on the music, let's first talk about the other fun stuff at HUSH. There were easy to-go food and drinks such as donuts and beer. They even served fruit punches and sangria for a fancier feel. We finally got to try the "hell dog" after anticipating it for months, although they were out of stock early by the 2nd day (as I've mentioned in the vlog). Aside from that, they were selling loads of merch such as HUSH clothing, other indie boutiques, temporary tattoos (including the flash tats I'm wearing), awesome stationery, and even hand-made artworks from local Macau artists.

And what's a festival without body art? Though it wasn't as cool as I thought it would be, I managed to get a spray-on tattoo on the 2nd day. There were henna stalls available too! What I was impressed with the most was how they managed to make Hac Sa look so pretty. I've been in Macau for as long as I could remember but I've never seen Hac Sa that way before. It kinda tapped the bohemian side of me, and I love it!

We didn't get to watch all the bands but the ones that we actually did were really good. Most of them were locals like: De-Aqua, Crossline, Zenith, Forget the G, Achun, and Wat De Funk. We've also watch other Asian musicians/artists such as Streetguns from Korea, and Hello Nico from Taiwan. The music was so diverse, varying from so much genres such as metal, pop, punk, jazz, reggae, and instrumental. I enjoyed all of them, I wish I could've understood everything they were saying though. I feel so clueless, I had no idea that Macau has such talent. I never thought music festivals as cool as HUSH were even possible here.

I really loved HUSH 2017, I hope next year would even be better! My future goal though is to finally go to Coachella, but who knows how long it'll take me to actually go there. As of now, I'm proud on how Macau surprised me with such an incredible event.  

Event: HUSH 2017
Date: April 30 - May 01, 2017
Venue: Hac Sa Beach, Coloane, Macau
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)