Blooming Pineapples - BD

(BD)Blonde Diaries: A series of looks that were taken before Katee-Of-The-Day and were mostly published in my Look Book Account.
As you could see, this shot was obviously taken in the summer. My orange-y blonde hair matching the sunlight while wearing pastel colors and tropical prints. Only thing missing is the beach! I don't know if you could tell but I'm actually really sweaty while doing this photo-shoot, good thing that I didn't have any obvious sweat stains in the pictures.
Me and my boyfriend were actually in pick-up duties at the airport during this time. His grandma (my favorite person in his family), along with a few more relatives, came to visit Macau for a few days. We arrived at the airport half-an-hour before the arrival time and their flight was delayed for an hour or so. That gave us time to blog and drink coffee in the airport.

The pink and girly cold drink was actually my boyfriend's drink because he's not into drinking hot drinks, especially in the summer. For me however, I just had to have "Salted Caramel Matcha Latte" - YUM! I love coffee and drinking in cafes during my spare time. It was quite a tiring morning for the both of us and we ended up sleeping half of the day.

Do you like morning errands? Do you get up early in the morning to do something productive? I was a morning person until I got into college. True story bruh! My body clock was ruined!

x Earrings: Topps Collection // Studded Strappy Flats: Zara, Trafuluc // Shorts: Bershka // Sling Bag: F21 x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)