This is the day when my cold started. Obviously my clothes weren't enough to cover me from this watertown's temperature. For our 3rd day in Shanghai we went to Zhujiajiao, a watertown in the countryside. This place has put me in awe with its beautiful scenery and  ancient architecture, everything here was just beautiful! (Check my other posts to see more pictures of Zhijuiajiao or visit my Facebook page to check out the whole Shanghai album)
Being built around the river, Zhujiajiao is by far the coldest place I've been to in Shanghai and it was really overwhelming. I sorta' underestimated the cold and ended up wearing only a few layers of clothing. I've been having a cold for one week after our visit there. Despite its freezing temperature, a day spent in Zhujiajiao is incredible and totally worth it! If ever you're planning to go Shanghai, I highly recommend this place. But make sure to be ready for however the weather will be.
x Sweater: Local Shop // Maxi Dress: H&M // Scarf: Daiso // Boots & Sunnies: F21 x
Photo Credits to: Leon Lee (@leorio826)
Photos Edited by: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)