Shanghai Moments

I traveled to Shanghai with my family in late December (2015) and I gotta say that I wasn't expecting it to be so beautiful. To be honest, I had no expectation with our trip and I wasn't familiar with Shanghai's highlights (except the Bund & the Oriental Pearl Tower of course!). Here are some pictures of Shanghai's beauty!

People's Square

We passed by this square while on the way to the bus terminal going to Zhujiajiao. We had a chance to walk around this city center which had breathtaking sceneries and lovely architectures.

Around the streets of Xintiandi. This was my favorite place of all and I had a hard time choosing which pictures to post because everything about this place is absolutely beautiful!

Inside the Oriental Pearl Tower
 Waiting area and queue place for tower elevator, going up all the way to the top! There was some Christmas vibes around the inside of the tower.
 Observation deck in the highest sphere of the tower. We were quite unlucky because we went on a very foggy day making it very difficult to appreciate the view of Shanghai.
Shanghai Cafe inside the tower, on the ground level beside the tower's museum.

Yu Yuan Garden & Night Market
Beautiful temple designs where the shops were located. It felt really authentic and the market/garden was huge!
Souvenir, snacks, gadgets, clothing, toys, etc., you can find almost anything by just walking around the Yu Yuan Night Market! Several restaurants and cafes were also found within the market. It was lucky of us to have our hotel located just beside this tourist spot!
One more lucky moment: the Marvel exhibition booth that was set up during the time we were there! (Nerd-gasm!)

The Bund
The best picture I took of the Bund was posted in Instagram right away! Despite the cold weather that night, the view of the bund was very outstanding! Totally worth it!

These aren't the only places we've went to in Shanghai; we also went to a small watertown called Zhujiajiao, the French Concession and some night chilling in the Bund Brewery and the Shanghai Brewery. To see more pictures of my trip to Shanghai, head over to my Facebook Page (click here) or check more highlights of the trip in my Instagram page (click here). Have you ever been to Shanghai? Where have you recently traveled? Let me know! 

xx Kate xx

Photo Credits to: Leon Lee (@leorio826) & Chezka Cenon (@styleche)