I've always wanted to have my very own Timberland boots, and now I have them! Oh what a lucky girlfriend I am indeed! Yep, they were my boyfiee's gift for this Christmas and I couldn't stop smiling the moment I saw what was inside that huge shiny pink paper bag. I see lots of people (mostly girls) around Macau walking with these lovely chunky shoes and I was always glancing in envy. But this time, I was struttin' them around, showing them off. These boots are made for walking!
That wasn't the only special Christmas gift I got this year; my parents gave us all four sisters our very new Swatches. And needless to say, they've chose which design to give us wisely! My Swatch has shiny baby pink belts and chrome blue face. Do I like it? Nope! I love it! And how could I forget this lovely tartan coat? It was a gift from my dear sister. Thanks sis! BTW, I wore this outfit for our 1st Sunday Mass after Christmas. Obviously, I was excited to wear them all at once.

How about you? What gifts have you received this Christmas that you're proud of wearing? Let me know in the comments! Hope you all had a good holiday!

x Coat: Forever 21 //  Skirt: Top Shop // Boots: Timberland // Watch: Swatch // Polo: Pinion x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)