Grad-Waiting Batch

2 Sundays ago (6th March, 2016), the University of Macau (UMAC) in Hengqin had their 1st sorta like rehearsal/pictorial event for their graduating batch of 2016. My bestfriend-in-law Elise (@elisegomez_), also one of my close friends in high school, happened to be a batch member.

In Macau, it's not likely for people to hire professional photographers for events like this which gave me and my boyfriend (@dash_ad) the idea of being her photographers as an early grad gift! It seemed like a great idea, and doing it with close and loved friends even made it better!

We had so much fun despite the heat, the things we were bringing and my sore feet. Everything went well and we ended up with a lot of pictures; not only for the graduation pictorial but also for group photos. Some of them even wanted to have their own "blog" or "ootd" pictures and we were glad that they liked the outcome. Here are some of the solo shots they took :P :

My Bestfriend a.k.a (@angelomagat)

The SHMEXY, Ms. Ana Carmela (@caramelabs88)

Another SHMEXY, Ms. Ana Margarida (@margaridamaranan)

And of course, the SHMEXY and BOOTYFUL Celebrant of the day, Ms. Elise (@elisegomez_) with her full-on graduation outfit, which by all means looks great!

And of course, they needed to spread all the lovey-dovey, tons of couple pictures were taken:

You have to admit, they make all those single and even other couples really jelly! But I'm proud of them! And even if I don't say it often, I cannot express how much I love both of them together! 

After taking all those pictures, I noticed one thing: I didn't even get to blog and my boyfriend didn't even make it into any picture :)) but that's alright, I'm sure I'd have my time later this year, maybe sometime around May or June. I was so jealous of everything because UMAC made it feel so great to graduate, with all those balloons and bouquets the graduates were bringing, I kinda hope that IFT's (my school) graduation ceremony would also make everything feel special. So here's my jelly face:
Oh well! That's about everything that happened that day. Everything else is probably stapled in our memories and will forever be cherished! Definitely more graduation posts to come since I know about 4 or 5 of my friends, including me, who would be graduating this year. So till next time!

Honorable mentions: Miles Rafol (@milesrussel_ /@russmig21) and Joy Loi (@loi_hao_ngai)

Also, to check more of the pictures for this event, head over to my Facebook Page (here) or click the album below:
Photo Credits: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)
Edited by: Kate Cenon (@katee.cee)
*P.S. All photos were taken and posted with their consent. All photos are property of Kate Cenon and Adrian Coronado*