Damn Daniel

"Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans" --- Haha! Recently there's been a lot of talk about a series of Snapshots from this guy named Josh who started Damn Daniel, and one of his famous stories is when he addresses Daniel wearing his plain white Vans slip-ons; which I happen to have too! So, I guess, you could say that's the inspiration for this look. It's weird and random, but why the hell not?

I first heard of the commotion when my boyfriend sent me a link saying that someone was selling white Vans (wrong ones btw) for 300K on eBay saying that it's 'Daniel's' and told me to sell mine as well (I mean, of course I wouldn't)! I was weirded out but then he explained to me how these 2 guys got famous and all just by consecutively taking videos of him addressing his friend's shoes. I gotta admit though, it was funny! Random yet there's something catchy about it!

In my opinion, 'Damn Daniel' is another proof that even the smallest of things can turn into something huge! Daniel got a life-time supply of Vans and both of the guys were featured in Ellen; I can't even stress on how jealous I was!!! Needless to say, that's exactly the break that I'm hoping to get for my blog (#kateeotd) someday. Well, still keeping my hopes up!

If you have no idea what the hell is 'Damn Daniel', I've gathered some links below to help you ;) You're welcome!

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Damn! :))

x White Slip-Ons: Vans // Sling Bag, Grey Tank Top & Sunnies: F21 // Slim Fits: Asos Petite // Army Jacket: H&M x 
Photo Credits: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)