D.I.Y Ripped

So I had these black Bershka slim fit jeans that never seemed to fit me right, until I finally decided to slit knee-holes on them. It was more of a "if it doesn't work out, then they're rags" situation.
Ripped jeans were a thing back then and it came rising once more in the past few months. The most commonly used are those really fitted ones with a few rips, specifically one on each knee, making it seem only a little bit distressed. I've always wanted one but I never had the right shopping moment to get a pair.

Also, these pants were already abandoned at the very corner of my closet so I used them as a test run in one of my random DIY days! It wasn't planned, mostly just because I felt like it. (Fun Fact about me: I randomly and purposely break things, experiment on them and maybe throw or keep the outcome. Depends on how it looks!)

It doesn't look as awesome as those found in H&M, but at least I got to put some good use into these long forgotten jeans. Believe it or not, I started wearing them more just because of those failed slits! Oh the little things just make big differences! I usually wear them for casual and lazy days, they seem just right.

I hate buying jeans because of my stubby short legs! I can never find good ones so it takes me around 20mins in dressing rooms just to try all available sizes. If you haven't noticed, I don't really wear jeans in my blog! I also can't shop for pants online because it's always a risk!

Can you relate? Do you have any specific clothing piece that you hate shopping for? Let me know in the comments!

x Sweater: F21 // Bag & Shoes: Zalora // Jeans: Bershka x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)

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