Entering the Love & Luck Month (2019)

HAPPY FEBRUARY! Which means me and Adrian's Valenversary (yes, if you aren't aware, we're that cliché couple that celebrates our anniversary every Valentine's day) is coming right up! This 2019 we're entering our 8th year together and we've been stronger than ever. Living every precious moment of my life for the last eight years has been the greatest; and not to confirm anything just yet, but him and I are finally planning to take this relationship to the next stage. 

I just always get very "lovey-dovey" once the new year reaches February, especially this year after all the strains that happened and lingered from 2018. We'll get more into detail about that later on so keep reading! Going back to Valentine's Day, this year we booked a 3 day - 2 night trip again to Hong Kong. Not really the 1st time we're doing this, in fact, that's already our normal duration when visiting Hong Kong. We might travel somewhere else in a few months, but since we're at a point where we want to save more money for the future, we decided to just do our usual. I definitely would be blogging and maybe vlog our 8th anniversary so stay tuned for that!

Oh! And as I say every Valentine's Day: Doesn't matter if you're single or not, whatever status you may be in, sharing and receiving love shouldn't be limited to a single day every year, yet has to be expressed every single day! So I'm sharing my love with you, here's to virtual hugs and kisses!

Also, this February 5th marks the start for the year of the Pig in the lunar calendar. For those celebrating Chinese New Year, 恭禧發財! The pig symbolizes overall luck and good fortune, general prosperity, and honesty. Adrian was actually born in the year of the Pig and hopefully he doesn't go through the same hardships and struggles I overcame last year during the year of the Dog (back story: I was born in the year of the Dog which was the cycle last 2018, and basically it was a shitty year for me. I typically don't read-in too much when it comes to horoscopes, but damn, my horoscope last year didn't lie when they warned me about the challenges and downfalls I'll be facing).

Since we've been living in Macau from day one, our families have already adapted a handful of Chinese New Year traditions and customs. Hands down, my favorite tradition is obviously the giving of hong baos, lai si, or red packets, however you may call it. I'm pretty sure it's also a favorite to a lot of people (speaking for the single and the young, because the elderly and the married are the ones handing out these red packets). I remember getting so much when I was younger that I could collect up to a little under MOP 1000. But once your Filipino aunts and uncles find out that you have a job, they start giving less, or sometimes even none. Oof! Growing up sucks. Hahaha!

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year as well? What traditions do you and/or your family follows?

Just realized that I haven't actually talked about the pictures featured in this post until now. Before all that, yes, I retouched my hair and got it colored slightly darker than the previous gray. Okay, back to the recap, we started the day with iced coffees at one of our favorite cafes: Single Origin.

There was a Chinese New Year fair happening at the Tap Seac area nearby. I wanted to pass by because the array of flowers and plants caught my eye as our car drove by (did I just rhyme? Damn! Yah girl got bars! Hahahahaha). I couldn't decide what to get since there were so much beautiful flowers spread out through the stalls. I ended up buying two types of flowers as photographed above, but I have no idea what they're called. 

They were just pretty, the weather was pretty, and I felt pretty; so yeah, a quick photoshoot was definitely needed! That's it for me today. Hopefully your February turns out manageable at most if not perfect. Don't forget to spread the love and I wish you luck. *muah*

Date: February 03, 2019
Venue: Tap Seac Square, Macau
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)