There is nothing dreamier than guilt-free, vegan, and amazingly delicious tin cakes! Yep! You heard me, "guilt-free" cakes! Oh, and did I mention each of them had 7-layers of goodness? Macau DreamCake strives to "bake a better world" (hence the title) by providing your sweet tooth with something more... well... healthy. All with retaining the deliciousness you look for in your cakes. However, cakes are not the only thing they sell. Taking the extra mile, Macau DreamCake also has cupcakes, cookies, and truffles to offer! Who says healthy geeks and vegans can't enjoy desserts?

Macau DreamCake
- Pick-Up ddress: Avenida Olimpica No.635, Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Online Orders Here: 1) Facebook - @macaudreamcake | 2) Instagram - @mdreamcake
Operating Hours: Always open for orders
Three Main Flavors: Chocolate / Cookies & Cream / Red Velvet
- Menu Items & Prices:
1. 7-Layer Dream Cakes [Regular - MOP $180 / Small - MOP $50 / Birthday Cake - $330]
2. Cupcakes [Half Dozen - MOP $125 / One Dozen - MOP $250]
3. Cookies [Half Dozen - MOP $125 / One Dozen - MOP $250]
4. Truffles - a combination of all three flavors [Regular - MOP $180 / Small - MOP $50]

The idea:
Before we dive into the details and my evaluation of the cakes, I wanted to share with you the remarkable vision operating behind Macau DreamCake and why I strongly support their sweet indulging ways. As per the owner, and my lovely friend Bela, along with co-owner Rita, they wanted to alter their love for guilty sweets with a healthier substitute. Being active foodies like myself, it would really call for always finding a healthful and nutritious version of the foods we encounter. In which is not always easy. As desserts being their weakness, their guilty-pleasure, their kryptonite, the two ladies decided on doing things their own way.

Another concern that was incorporated with the brand is the awareness for the environment which is something that I ideally like to partake in. In order to be a more "green" provider of desserts, they ensure that their packaging are all reusable and recyclable. The cakes are made and served in food graded tins that could be returned once you've finished every last bite. They also recommend their customers to bring their own totes and bags upon picking-up orders since it helps reduce the use of plastic; a very easy and effective solution that should be practiced even more. Everything has to be according to the "Zero Waste Movement", an existing movement that Macau DreamCake wants to assist with implementing to their market in Macau.

We love supporting a team that cares about mother nature and healthily satisfies sweet cravings at the same time!  

How is it healthy & vegan?
Upon reading all that, you may be asking "what exactly makes them healthy?". Or maybe you're asking more in the lines of "what ingredients/vegan substitutes do they use for baking?". Normally you'd use these four basic ingredients when baking a cake: eggs, milk, butter, and flour. Macau DreamCake, however, decides to use chia seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower oil to hold the cake together instead of eggs and butter. Flour is still being used but customers who prefer without it (e.g. gluten-free) could request so upon ordering. Coconut milk is used as a substitute for regular dairy milk, which benefits those who are lactose-intolerant, vegans, and those who need/prefer a healthier alternative. As printed on their cake tins, their calorie count is only about 242 calories per serving (of the small tin), and a total of 15.6 grams of total fat. Sign me up!

My experience:
They were kind enough to provide me with all three flavors that came in their smaller sized tins. I was super excited to try them all! This is all I can say: THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I can guarantee you that you might not even notice that it's a vegan cake if you weren't informed in advance because they taste exactly like regular cakes! Don't get me wrong, I personally love trying out vegan food. But I do understand that there are some people who don't, and I think that Macau DreamCake can help in letting those people experience the joy of eating vegan and healthier options (at least when it comes to desserts). 

My favorite is hands down the 'red velvet' cake. Red Velvet is one of my most favorite cake flavors that when I saw their menu, I knew I had to taste it. And before you even rave about the crushed oreos on their 'cookies & cream' flavor, be informed that oreos are (allegedly) vegan! Their 'chocolate' cake is the dreamiest of them all. They recommended to eat it warm to really enjoy and taste the gooeyness of the fudge. I personally enjoyed eating it chilled. To me, it enhances the bitter properties of the cocoa even more.

I hope this review made your mouth water (because mine surely did). To sum it up, Macau DreamCake is a provider of the healthiest and most nutritious, yet also really yummy desserts on the block. Their vision to let their customers indulge in guilt-free sweets while caring for the Earth is truly a great move for the company. I haven't tried anything else other than their cakes, but I surely will get my hands on their cookies in the near future. Go on! give Macau DreamCakes a try! You might even end up loving them a lot more than you'd expect :)

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)