Osaka Adventures | 1st Glimpse of Japan

Ohayo mina-san! Damn! It's been a hot minute since I last wrote in this site. I've been so busy with vlogging that I had to stop blogging for a while. But now I'm back, and I'm more than excited to share this whole Japan experience with you all over again. Five months has passed since our Japan trip. We flew from Hong Kong and arrived at Osaka Kansai International Airport (Terminal 2) on August 7th, 2018. It was early in the morning when we landed and I clearly remember how beautiful it was when we saw the blue sky, similar to those in animes. The sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was light. We stayed at the airport for about two hours. First place we chilled at was Starbucks (as usual) and there we started organizing our luggages, had a quick bite and a cuppa, and rented our WiFi pod. We finally took the train towards Fukushima, and from there our Japan journey begins.

You can watch my vlog for a summed up version of what we did while in Osaka. I also took the liberty to film a foodie vlog while we were there. But anyways, keep scrolling to read more about our 3-ish days spent in Osaka.

Osaka Vlog:

Osaka & Kyoto Foodie Vlog:
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I cannot express how much I was in awe. As I've mentioned quite a few times, I am a certified anime geek. Binge watching on anime has been in my top three things to do when I'm bored, sad, or just need a little bit of joy. So imagine how happy I was to see every corner, every path, literally just everything within my vision when I was in Japan. Hell, even their trash cans were amazing for me! Haha! We arrived at Fukushima station and walked for about 10 minutes finding our dormitory called "Drop Inn Osaka". We really wanted to try staying at a dormitory even once, fortunately we booked a private dorm just for the four of us. The toilet and showers, however, was shared with other guests. Although, it really wasn't that bad. I was glad we got to try a different type of accommodation in Japan.

Like I've said in the beginning, we arrived in Osaka really early. So early that we weren't given a room when we got to the dormitory, hence, had to wait for about four hours just to "check-in". We were tired and we definitely needed to freshen up after travelling for about eight hours, so yeah, not getting a room at once made us a bit cranky. We then decided to walk around and learn more about the area we were in. It was such a pretty place! There were lots of restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores around. We took photos, drank coffee again, and ate curry rice.

We finally got our dorm and after a quick freshening up, we headed to our first destination: The Osaka Castle. To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. But once you see the castle up close, it really looks magnificent. We decided to just take photos outside, which was perfect since we reached golden hour. The lake, the park, even the nearby tourist spot where the restaurants and shops were looked absolutely beautiful. Also, I think I chose the perfect outfit for this whole scenery. 

Our day wasn't finished yet! After a confusing moment trying to figure out which train to take, we finally reached Dotonbori! The iconic strip with the Glico sign made me feel -- blessed? A place I've always wanted to see since I was younger, there I was, standing right in front of it. There were so much things to see and do at Dotonbori that I think we kinda got overwhelmed. Since it was just the first day of our 10-day Japan trip, we didn't feel like shopping and spending that much yet. Though, we did eat ramen in one of the thousands of ramen shops, and I was like a little kid being so amused with the ramen vending machine. You got to try it though if ever you're in Japan.

I will be separating the blog post for Universal Studios because I believe that needs it's own segment. On our third day in Osaka, before leaving for Kyoto, we decided to go back to Dotonbori one last time. Since we went at night time on the first day, we didn't really get a chance to take photos with the iconic Dotonbori strip. It was a moment that can't be missed! I guess that's it for my Osaka blog. Next up: Universal Studios Japan!

Destination: Osaka, Japan
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