Macau Street Style

As you may have already known, I've been working as a freelance writer for Macau Lifestyle (former Live Love Macau) focusing on tastings and reviews. Have I ever told you how I got to start working for them though? Well, one of my high school friends who was already working for them at the time asked if I could be featured on their Macau Streetstyle segment. Back then I was just starting off as an official Fashion Blogger so I like "why the hell not?".

After submitting my answers for the interview, my friend asked if I'd be interested in joining the team and write for their Fashion and Beauty areas. Obviously, I didn't stick to the areas I was supposed to focus on but I did have a lot of new experiences and met a lot of people along the way all because of Macau Lifestyle. I truly appreciate how they've helped me develop as a blogger and a writer. 

Check out my short interview for Macau Streetstyle here. Take note that the featured photos were only from around 3 months since I started blogging so they're not as great as my recent ones. Haha!