Clocken-splash! (HK-Day 1)

TGIF guys!!! Doing a little flashback Friday on #kateeotd today from our crazy experience in Hong Kong just a week ago! It was my 1st time to go Clockenflap this year and I was really looking forward to it. I was expecting something from a Coachella-type of music festival and it made me even more excited when I started seeing pictures and videos of it from the past few years, hoping that I'll get my own memorable pictures and videos this year.......... well, guess what! I did! Somehow.

Macau was already drizzling when we left and we thought that the weather in Hong Kong would be better; unfortunately, it was a lot worse. It was raining so hard and the skies were really dark as if it's the end of the world! When we arrived at our hotel, we were thinking twice if we should still go. We ended up still going just because we didn't want to waste our tickets, they were REALLY expensive.

So we hopped on a cab and got to Central Pier with our newly bought umbrellas. It was fine at 1st since we were walking on cement; what we didn't know is that the areas where the stages are were mostly sand or soil. My black Nike rosheruns were so new that I didn't want to get them soaked! In the end, not only were they fully soaked, they were muddy too! That was probably the worst part of the day.

All that negativity aside, it was actually an experience I'd never forget! It was really difficult taking videos but I tried my best since I was already sure that I wouldn't be able to take photos, not good ones at least. Luckily the music wasn't disappointing at all; I didn't really know anyone who performed but the music was really really good and catchy! We had apple ciders that were already watered down by the rain, and got flash tats and rad water bottles for free! In a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give our overall experience a 7, but mainly just because of the bad weather.

Hopefully next year would be better...and sunnier! Well I gotta end things here guys! Sorry for the not-so-good vlog I did, I hope you don't mind since it was really crazy and surprising that I git any footage at all! Continuing with "Day 2" on my next post, see you then!

Date: Nov 25-27, 2016
Venue: Central Pier, Hong Kong