Double Blogger Date (HK-Day 2)

Hurrah to the weekends once more! It just always feel like an accomplishment every time I survive throughout the week, knowing that I can handle another one that's about to come! Well for today, I decided to upload the continuation of our 2-day trip to Hong Kong 2 weeks back (Read and watch my vlog/blog on our 1st day here). If you've seen the vlog I did for the 1st day, you'd notice how crazy the sudden change in weather was!
It was literally dark skies and non-stop pouring rain on Saturday, then turned into clearer skies and sunshine on Sunday. We were shocked and obviously didn't want to waste such a beautiful day! And what do bloggers do on beautiful days? Take loads of pictures, obviously. So that's what we did, being a couple of bloggers and photographers.

We started the day buying coffee-to-go from Starbucks while we walked from Sheung Wan to Hollywood Road. Originally, we planned to get acai bowls in Grassroots Pantry but unfortunately they were fully booked. Lucky for us we found another sweet spot just around the area. We ended up having heavenly meals for brunch in Oohlaa and had quite a good time laughing our asses out. Afterwards, we went on taking the MTR and walking to the Instagram Pier. It was a bit far but totally worth it!

It was so beautiful, the scenery, the weather, everything! Seeing a lot of locals and other tourists there taking pictures, jogging and just chilling. We kinda had a hard time blogging my outfit since the sun was just really out there...After walking around, we finally found a good enough spot to blog. I'd definitely go back there, I'm such a sucker for pretty places.

My outfit post for this day would finally be up on Katee.O.T.D. by early next week, so stay tuned for that! Ending this post here so see you soon!

Date: Nov 25-27, 2016
Venue: Central Pier, Hong Kong