The title says it all! Ugh! It is... once again... MONDAY! Speaking of Mondays, I'd be having a new #TOTD next week about how I handle and avoid having Monday blues. Hopefully, that'll help you get through it every week too! Okay, too much Monday mentions in not even what I call a short paragraph... so moving on....
I love this top! But my boyfriend thinks otherwise. I mean I get why, but seriously, deep lace ups with plunging necklines is sort of a blogger necessity these days, am I right? Needless to say, I've only worn this top once and the next time I do would probably be for another blog post since I'm not allowed to wear it outside :P Kidding, I'm not complaining *sarcasm*. Anyway, just like my outfit post last week, this look gave me another bitchy vibe!

I am not bitchy (sometimes) so please don't get the wrong impression of me! Arigato! To be honest, "I think" I'm really nice! Oh well, Mondays somehow make me the bitch I look in my photos so let's get our Monday motivations up and running!

x Top: F21 // Skirt: Local Shop // Boots: Zalora // Choker: Factorie x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)