Flaunting It

If you must know.... that's not a beer belly. It's more like a buffet belly :P But seriously, I just had a very fun breakfast buffet at Shrekfast in Sheraton Hotel literally minutes before taking these photos. Oh well... I admit that I'm a bit overweight, or chubby (better term) so there's no point hiding it now, is there?
I've been very accepting with my physique since I started blogging and I suggest that you should too! (If you haven't already). Which leads me to my next topic; I'm planning on writing about how I came to accept myself and how I totally support self-beauty! So excited in doing it, hoping that I'd have a great come out for it like it's a major project!

What else....? Happy Friday everyone!

x Flannel & Skirt: F21 // Shoes: Adidas Superstars // Crop Top: Factorie // Bag: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)