Live & Love Macau (LLM)

I was born and raised here; Macau has always been my one true home! It used to be a very small and quiet region until it developed into one of Asia's most traveled destinations. One good thing about that is that it made Macau more exposed to international trends! Live and Love Macau  is one of those companies that cater to international entertainment while boosting the image of Macau's culture.
As of now, it's still a small company that's starting to grow. The website officially launched yesterday, April 7, 2016; I was asked to be one of their contributors and was also invited to their launching party, so I'll definitely be posting about it soon! Back to being a contributor, I'm very excited! In fact, I've just submitted my 1st article about the local style of Macau (Local Style Starter Pack; Read it! Pretty please??). Of course, I chose to do fashion articles as a start but I might be doing some other topics in the future, so stay tuned!

Since I have no specific area yet I was temporarily labeled as a "Lifestyle" contributor, which in my opinion sounds great! This is probably my 1st public contribution and I'm glad that it's related to Macau. I'm honored to be doing this so don't forget to check out Live and Love Macau for more interesting reads! They cover everything; from food and events to culture and places!

Follow Live and Love Macau @ Instagram / Facebook & check out their Official Website! Cheers to a great start!