Hair & Make-Up by Kara Salon

This is not sponsored. Wait! Is it? Hahaha :)) It's more like advertising our salon. But anyway, as I've posted last week, I was invited for the launch party of Live and Love Macau. It's not much of a big party but since we have our own parlor, I thought of getting my hair and make-up done! I mean, it's for "free", Haha! 

It turned out beautiful and super budge-proof! Smokey eyes yet everything else seems natural. I was really happy about it and I got lots of good comments from people in the party. But the best thing about getting my make up done by someone else is that I didn't have to go through applying false lashes by myself, I simply suck at that! 

So, now I'll be a #1 promoter...... Please check out Kara Salon, we provide all beauty services to enhance ones true natural beauty and confidence! Like and follow us on our Facebook Page and Instagram!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)