Joined the Dark Side

A little throwback to the whole Star Wars craze last December 2015. Personally, I loved part 7! Yeh, I know how much dislikes the movie got but I don't care because everything, the whole movie, was just epic! Although, there's something very ironic from this situation.... I wasn't originally a SW fan. To be honest, I always thought SW was a stupid kiddish movie.
FACT: I don't like sci-fi as much as other movie categories, it's probably the least along with medieval themed movies. 

When it was announced that Disney (who we totally believed would fail) was going to continue SW, my boyfriend wasn't sure if he really wanted to watch, but of course he did. And being the sweet girlfriend I am (HAHAHA!!!) I had no choice but to watch it with him which led him to telling me that I won't understand anything if I don't watch the first 6 movies.

I wasn't fond of the idea at first but I gave it a try. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it so much that I was questioning myself why I didn't like it before! (Stupid old me!) I am officially hooked and it gave me so much nerd-gasms while watching part 7. 
I'm definitely on the Dark Side! Screw the freaking rebellion! Hahaha! I'm kidding :) Have you watched it? Are you a recent Star Wars fan as well? Let me know!

x Dress & Leather Jacket: F21 // Stormtrooper 3D Glasses: UA Galaxy // Boots: Zalora // Sling Bag: Miniso x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. Is that the men's leather jacket ? IN what size! I love it on you and I've been searching for a fit!