Art Is Play @MGM Macau

What is art to you? Personally, I believe art has impacted my life in much more ways than one. I've always loved the idea of being artistic, living and imagining a space unlike your usual. I see it as a gateway into a world where even its complexity could be customized. What is art to me? Art is my way of living (sorta like Naruto's ninja way :P).

How's it going fellow readers? Today I take you with me into another art exploration at MGM Macau. If you remember last time,I had way too much fun at TeamLab Future Park that I even vlogged about the whole experience. Well this time we visited the art exhibit called "Art Is Play" which is consisted of 5 different rooms installed by concepts of 5 different international artist. Every room we walked into has it's own character, mood, and story. Keep scrolling to read more about each room and see how amazing they look! Watch my vlog to know the artist of each art installation too!

Address: MGM Art Space, MGM MACAU Level 2 (via Grande Praça)
Contact: (853) 8802 8888
Operating Hours: June 27 to September 09, 2018 (except July 16 & August 13) | 10:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily
Entrance Fee: MOP $120/per person
Facebook: MGM 美高梅 @MGMMACAU

I vlogged the whole ART IS PLAY experience to show an even better visual for each installation. 
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My favorite room has to be the Sugar Glow Garden by Janice Wong. I'm a big fan of black light, glowing attractions (just like TeamLab) so this room definitely caught my eye. What's more is that everything in there was edible. You'd get a whiff of the mild sugary fondant scent upon entering the dark room. Also, if you wanna glow like I did then I suggest wearing light colored clothes like white or pastels. Another one of my favorites is probably the Setsuna = 0.013 seconds installation by Ayumi Adachi. If you look closely at the string of bubbles you'd notice that each and every one of them were made from lots of wire twist ties. Talk about the precious time and effort it took to tie them all up and end up with what looks like a foam of bubbles.

I didn't really like the Orangelicious by Tom Tom because of the lighting and the bluntness of it's design. Overall, I think the artwork displayed in Art is Play was really wonderful and personal to each of the artists. However, as I've mentioned in my vlog, it wasn't the best art exhibit I've been to so far. Mainly because of how it lacked interaction and activities. Once you get inside you can finish the whole exhibit in less than 10 minutes if you don't mind getting Instagram photos.

Despite that, I think it's still an exhibition worth seeing for yourself. Maybe you'd appreciate it even more once you feel what each room is actually trying to show you. 

Event: Art Is Play @MGM Macau
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)