This post has literally been in my drafts file for more than 4 months! For some reason I just forgot about it, which was weird since I really love my outfit here. Good thing I was scrolling down my drafts one day or else I might've not been able to post this at all.

Also, I know I usually upload my weekly blogposts at a Monday or a Tuesday but I was really busy with other personal matters this week. There's just so much things on my plate and they just keep piling up! Not to mention how I'm not in my absolute best these days too.... fml.

Anyway, it was obviously still summer when I took these photos (can't you tell by the bearing mesh?). I'm kinda excited for summer this 2017 too even though I don't really have much plans; nothing that would ever beat our trip to Boracay last year. The search for a great holiday vacay continues... The thought of finally having vacation makes me so happy! And you know what else makes me happy? The little adorable and super sweet doggy that passed by us while we were taking these photos.

It ran up to Adrian and started rubbing herself on his legs, more like a cat thing to do if you ask me! But she was so cute and you know how my heart melts every time I see dogs, I seriously wanted to stop blogging and just play with her. Okay, that's enough doggy talk for now, let me know what you're up to this week because all I am is broke.... literally a few days after pay day. See you next week!

x Top: MDS Collection // Jeans: Pull & Bear // Shoes: Adidas // Choker: Rubi // Watch: Something Borrowed x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)