Oriental Hints

It's really been super duper cold the past few days. To be honest, you'd need at least 3 layers of clothing, extra socks and possibly gloves just to feel comfy in such freezing weather. I totally underestimated the cold when we took these photos, I honestly thought I could handle it. Once I stepped out of our apartment I had sudden regrets. 

Well I guess you get the point; still, I am loving the cold. Despite its negative effects like frostbite and icicles for fingers, or the fact that it's a lot more difficult to get up from bed  or take a shower, I would always love blogging in winter.

I mentioned why in the previous post. You can check it out and let's move on to other things we can talk about. How's life lately? Mine's still the same as usual. Although, I am quite excited since tomorrow marks my 6th year of being with Adrian! Yes, Valentines day is our anniversary; I know it's cliche but we're so used to it. Last year I posted a few Valentine related blog posts like: 
But this year I'll be a little bit in the down low. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to plan nor take photos of anything Valentine related. Not to worry though! On the 15th and 16th, we'll be spending a 2-day celebration again in HK so that would probably be my contribution to 2017's Valentines Day. How about you? Any romantic Valentine dates planned? If not, don't feel bad! There's honestly nothing wrong with spending the day of love all by yourself! That's my cue, talk to you next week! *muah*

x Coat: Forever 21 // Skirt & Velvet Top: Pull & Bear // Boots: Rubi Shoes // Bodysuit: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. I like this outfitttttt, hahaha

    - Your Ate Che