The Struggles Of Wearing Heels (#TOTD)

Ever looked at other women strutting in heels so effortlessly as if they're walking in sneakers? Then wonder why you are having such a hard time just standing straight in stilettos? That's me! Most of the time....
To be honest, I love shopping for heels just because they look pretty. I barely even go to parties so I have no idea why I keep buying heels. I guess the only explanation is because I'm a girl who's obsessed with style and fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love buying other types of shoes too! Like pointy flats, strappy sandals and ankle boots.

Actually, I look like a pro in wearing heels! I don't wobble while walking and I don't slouch. It took me quite some time to practice keeping my posture straight even if my feet were slowly dying. But deep down, you'd never know how much pain I'm going through as if I'd just rather walk home bare foot without giving care in the world! Hmmm..... come to think of it, I wonder if that's what other women do too. Are they just masking the pain they're feeling inside while wearing heels? Are they really hurting? Oh well! I guess I'd never know!

I'd mostly wear heels mainly for the blog and going out with the family, but I'd never leave without bringing an extra pair of ballerinas or slippers just incase my feet start giving up. It's always so troublesome thinking which bag could fit a pair of extra shoes especially when I just wanna bring small pouches. I guess I'd stop here! Sorry if it wasn't much this week and if I went all random again. Will be going back to regular blogposts next week... until then, let me know how you feel about wearing heels!

Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)