Dainty Ruby Shoes

Whew! Halloween just passed by like that! What did you dress up as? I don't know about you but in Macau the only thing you can do on Halloween is go clubbing. Not that it's not fun but it's kinda getting lame in my opinion. 

We use to have a yearly haunted house held in Fisherman's Wharf a few years back but it was discontinued for some reason. So now we're left with non-stop partying with girls dressed in semi-slutty costumes. Oh my gosh! Is this what being matured feels like? Haha!

But anyway, ignore my party-poopin' moment in the previous paragraph and let's get on to something a bit more related to this post: my outfit. I know my shoes ain't ruby as what you'd expect from the Wizard Of Oz but I promise myself I'll get those one day! As for now, these dainty flats with straps that I got from the Forever21's closing sale will do the job. I don't normally wear jeans, not for the blog nor in real life! For this look I just wanted it to be simple so I thought, why not? 

Oh well....what else could I possibly talk about? How are you liking my pictures so far? I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not properly editing them in the past few weeks because I've been so tired lately. As I've been whining about in the past 2 months, I'm really tired from work. And no, I'm still not used to it! F*ck life right?

Top: H&M // Pants, Choker, Sunnies & Shoes: F21 // Watch: Zalora x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)