Coffee is my BFF

I like clothes with statements on them...especially when they're true! Coffee is definitely my BFF! We've met since my last months in high school, supported me throughout my 4 years in university and is still greeting me every morning. Don't really have anyone like that in my life, HAHA! 

But for real though, I saw this on the racks of Forever 21 sometime last year and I instantly got it and therefore, bought it. What's funny is that it was actually in the lingerie and sleep wear section so wasn't quite sure if it was okay to wear for a casual day outdoors. Oh well :) if it works, then it works!

I've been such a coffee addict/lover for as long as I could remember. We believe it runs in our family since my paternal side and my dad himself can't handle a day without a cup of brewed coffee. My Instagram account stands as proof as to how much I love coffee! Do you consider yourself a coffee addict? Let me know!

x Tunic & Bralette: F21 // Chain Necklace: H&M // Jacket: Factorie // Slip-ons: Vans // Bag: Natasha // Cuff: Local Shop x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)