5 Years Younger

Ughh! Don't you just hate it when your make-up melts from sweat but you'd rather have that than not wear make-up at all? That's just one of the many "girl problems" I have, especially in the summer! 

Well enough about that; these photos were taken about a year ago...just sometime around hot November or early December. I have a very embarrassing story with this and that's why I wanted to post it even if I didn't like my outfit that much.

Here goes: I was running late for my afternoon classes from over-napping during lunch break. In a rush, I got up, wore an outfit that I thought was blog worthy and ran to the bus stop. I then realized that the back zipper of the skirt I was wearing was opening even though the slider was all the way up! I had to call my friend (my life savior) who was kind enough to lend me her scarf so that I could wrap it around my waist for the whole day. Of course, I took it off for a while during our blogging session.

Random days with random unfortunate events....don't you just love life? Have you had any days like these? Let me know! Oh! And if you're wondering about the title... I just feel like I look 16-17 years old in this outfit. Nothing special!

x Top: Japan, from Style-Che // Bag & Gladiator Cuff: F21 // (Broken) Skirt & Beanie: Local Shop // High-cut: Converse x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)