Retro Dad Shoes | Touching Trends

As unbelievable as it may sound, I'm actually someone who doesn't keep up on the latest trends. Whether it's fashion, make-up, food, movies, etc., I just always seem to be hesitant to ride the "trend train" or "follow the crowd". As someone who's often exposed in social media, I admit it is kind of odd that I wouldn't normally follow the current hypes of everyone else in the platforms. Maybe it is just me wanting to be 'cool' in a way. But honestly, I just don't like it when people over-hype things, ESPECIALLY on the internet. The words: viral and trending doesn't mean what they used to anymore, at least in my personal opinion. 

Nowadays, people try to make EVERYTHING trending; it's basically an indicator and an effective marketing tool to be well-known. If I was someone who'd always follow up on trends, I'd feel like I was lying to myself. I'm basically trying to be someone I'm not at that point. Here are some of the things that went viral or trending in the past few years that I didn't hop-on with right away (or ever): Frozen, Bird Box, K-Pop, K-Drama, Migos, Billie Eilish, and big bulky dad shoes like Balenciagas... until recently.

Don't get me wrong, when the "retro trend" started rolling back in I definitely rolled with it. The retro theme is probably one of my fave styles ever when it comes to fashion and music. Since last year, I started dressing up like a modern day pin up doll every time I felt like it (you can check out a very retro collaboration I did a year ago with my sister and my fave Hong Kong bloggers: Living In Retro - Lookbook). When it comes to those bulky sneakers though, I wasn't much of a fan. I actually used to think that they looked ridiculous, but opinions can change anytime.

Adrian and I went inside a Nike shop as usual around Rua do Campo. We were initially searching for new workout sneakers until I've come across these lovely Nike Zoom 2K's displayed on their lower leveled shelf. I have no clue why, but for some reason I wanted to see how they looked on me. I shouldn't have done that, it costed me MOP $699-ish right on the spot. It's like the basic b*tch in me sparked for a minute and the next thing I know I was already signing off the bill. 

No regrets buying them though. They are super comfy and I want to wear them every single day! However, I've only worn them once since then (as photographed in this post) because It's been unpredictably raining these past few weeks and I don't want them to get ruined just yet. Do I now love 'dad shoes' in general? Still a no from me. Even though I bought this pair of babies, I still don't get that attracted to others that I frequently see on the streets. Sorry Fila, Adidas, and Puma.

Photo credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)