Girls Bite Back

Girls bite back, kinda true! So better not mess with me.... kidding! Lately I've been buying shirts with statements, quotes, and slogans written on them. Kinda mainstream but I really fancy them. This shirt in particular is from H&M. I loved the pastel pink color and the cute little statement so I just had to get it. Sorry not sorry? I guess so! What type of clothes or styles are you into nowadays? Well moving on to other topics; to be honest, I am writing this under pressure. I've been so busy for the last 2 weeks that I had no time to do my other job or even update my blog. But I kinda mentioned on Instagram that I'd be posting today so here it is!

It's currently 10mins to 4 a.m. so I'm feeling dead tired. Oh, and have I mentioned that I have work at 9 a.m. today? Ugh! Okay let's do some quick updates: 1st, Adrian got me a digicam! He gave it as a surprise, you'd know if you watched my recent insta-stories. It's the Canon S120 and I love it! I was actually supposed to buy around the same time but he just got it 1st. I was so happy that day that my smile reached up to my ears :)) So get ready for better vlogs and cooler insta photos because mama's got a new toy!

2nd update, who's watching Homecoming tomorrow? It's the first showing day here in Macau and since I'm dating Spiderman myself, we just had to buy tickets ASAP. I honestly doubt the new Spiderman though, but let's see. Spiderman is one of my favorite superheroes ever and to me, Andrew Garfield is still the perfect one. But... let's see. Hmmm....anything else? I guess not. See you next time loves!

x Jacket: Vans // Shirt & Cap: H&M // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Adidas x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)