Brows by Benefit - REVIEW

Bigger and bolder? Definitely the look I'm going for! Eyebrows nowadays became the epitome of makeup. Since a few years back, the way your brows are drawn, shaped, and filled has always been the baseline for a ready-to-go face, in my opinion at least. I swear, I could leave the house as long as my brows were on fleek! Although, I do know that there are some ladies out there who really wants to try having amazing brows but has no clue how to start. Well no worries to you beautiful women, this Brows by Benefit Cosmetics is probably a starter kit you'd want to invest on. Keep reading, I'll be mentioning some of my tips and tricks along the way!

What's in it?
This set is thoughtful enough to provide two full-sized brow products plus an additional two brow support products. It comes with:

- Ka-BROW! Eyebrow cream gel
- 24-hr Brow Setter
- High Brow highlighter
- Stencil holder
- 2-look Straight Brows stencil
- 2-look Arched Brows stencil
- Instruction manual

Favorite product?
Definitely the Ka-BROW! because that thing alone is AMAZING! It does so much wonders just the way I like it and it's super light and easy to wear. The cream gel itself is already waterproof, but if you plan on taking on more activities, or just want your brows to stay the same for the whole day, then I suggest applying a thin coat of the 24-hr Brow Setter on top. Trust me, these two products work so well with each other.

Least favorite?
I would say that my least favorite product would be the stencils. I don't really need them since I've been drawing my own brows for about five years now. I tried using them when I first got the kit, it was fun to try all four looks and see how they make me look different. But at the end of the day, I would always stick to my original way of drawing my brows.

How would you rate it?
Honestly? I'd give it 8/10, which is a pretty high rating if you ask me. There's just so much about it that I think deserves to be given this high of a score.

- Stencils and manuals are great for beginners and for those who'd want to explore more fleekness and shapes.
- All products are easy to use. No cracking codes needed, just practice!
- It's super affordable! I got the whole set for about MOP350 which costs exactly the same as my brow powder palette from MAC only! No joke. And the eyebrow cream gel still beats it. 

As for someone who loves make up as much as I do, and loves fleekness and fierce looking brows as I do, then I highly recommend you to give this set a try! I guarantee that no regrets will be given, just pure love!

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)