My Go-To Colors

Good afternoon lovely readers! Yes I'm officially back to blogging! However, from now onwards I'd only be posting every Wednesdays because yah know.... humpdays! I just think I'll handle it better if I don't force myself to prepare 2 blog posts per week, not to mention the stress from taking 2 photoshoots while having only one day off. Also, you may already be sick of seeing my face too much on your feed (hopefully not!). I'd still be active on Instagram though, so feel free to view my page there if you want to see anything current!
Now let's talk about my look; lately I've been so attached to rose gold, gold, black, and nudes. I find it very flattering for my skin tone and ended up buying too much clothes of these colors! As for the photoshoot, to be honest, these pictures were never meant to be shown. I was too tired from work and the weather was terribly hot on the day we took these photos, so Mr. Boyfriend photographer and I were not exactly having the best time. Sadly, we argued and decided to not blog anymore after taking almost a hundred failed (or so I thought) photos!

After transferring them to my laptop, I realized that they're actually not that bad and was worth a shot to be in the blog. So here it is! Anyway, that's about it for today. I guess I'll see you in a week! Au revoir!

x Watch, Necklace & Heels: F21 // Culottes & Ring: Local Shop // Bangle: H&M x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)