RS - Modelling Workshop

About 2 years ago I joined a modeling workshop hosted by Red Studio and became a part of their 2nd batch. All I can say is that it was an awesome experience! I've always wanted to be model (embarrassed about that) and I was finally given a chance to do so.
It was a 2-day workshop with a total of 4 looks. I'm kinda shy (ironically), but here are some of my raw photos from the workshop:
I loved everyone there, all the organizers and my fellow "models for a day" were really nice! I enjoyed everything about it but my favorite part was probably the hair & make-up by FaceSlap x Jo Cheong (JC Makeup). I guess it's safe to say now that I was never really for modeling (the ugly truth!). Although, this workshop might be the trigger as to why I started blogging; 1 month later I made my very own LookBook account! The whole event of the workshop was featured into many public sources; they even had a contest in collaboration with Macau Closer. Unfortunately, I was too shy to join. But hey! I'm totally satisfied with the fact that I got to try actual modeling at least once in my life, that's definitely enough for me!


MACAU CLOSER (@macaucloser)

Credits to the incredible people that made this happen:

- Red Studio Macau: Official Site / Facebook Page / 
- Sally Victoria Benson (SVB): Facebook Page / Instagram Acc
- Wayne Wong Photography: Official Site / Facebook Page / Instagram Acc.