Fabulously Nicky - BD

(BD)Blonde Diaries: A series of looks that were taken before Katee-Of-The-Day and were mostly published in my Look Book Account.
Throwback to exactly a year ago! For my internship during college, I worked at Rock Spa in Hard Rock Hotel, Macau as a spa receptionist (which meant free massage and facial from time to time :P). I loved working there; the people I was with were awesome and that's where I met the most lovable and fabulous person ever, Nicky (@nickybabymacau). 

He was so supportive of me while working and when I 1st started blogging (or simply just taking pictures at that time) he even wanted to try it with me. So we set up a date and met up. I was done with my internship by the time we took these photos so seeing him made me so happy!

He's really great! He was born a model and I was kinda shy just posing with him. All the memories I've had working in Hard Rock just keep coming back every time I see these photos. I really miss everyone there, they've been so good to me even if I only got to be with them for 6 months. 

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)