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Oh my gosh, where do I even begin? And why is camping becoming a ritual with this group? Back in early 2022, we went *illegally* camping on the beach. This year we topped that by glamping galore in Galaxy Garden, Lantau. What a way to kick off the last of my twenties! Yes, I turned 29 this year, and honestly, as cliché as it sounds, age is just a number. If there's one thing about me that would never change, it's my affinity for going over & beyond on my birthday. If you're not aware of that by now, "Hi! I'm Kate! And I'm super f*cking extra during my birth month :P".

We decided on going on this spontaneous trip just a few weeks prior. We were discussing upcoming travel plans and somehow our itineraries aligned. Paired with a celebration, the plan was made.

There are multiple glamping sites around Hong Kong that I would probably try in the future, but Galaxy Garden totally caught my attention. One word: Hot Tub (wait! Is that two words? How to English? Hahahahaha). No regrets were made because at the end of the trip we all miss that freaking hot tub. Hell! I want one at home now!
Okay, okay. I know what you're here for. And I won't stray you any longer so here we go!
Below are the basics of what we paid for and other info that might be useful to you if ever you decide to glamp there as well.
There are a total of 10 domes according to the staff, and please check the weather forecast.
Galaxy Garden is known for stargazing, hence, the see-through domes. But unfortunately, we visited on an overcast day. So no starry night to gaze, just bird poop in the bright morning.
I find the best route is to take the bus from Tung Chung Bus Station (Citygate Outlets). Ride Bus 3M and drop off the 15th bustop - San Shek Wan 3. From there walk forward (follow the cars), 10mins trek later you'd see the sign "48" on your left.
Open the gate by yourself, and beware of dogs.
**Tip: don't run when the dogs start barking, just stay still until they calm down then walk slowly. **
Past the gate, you will see the sign of Galaxy Garden to your left where the pebble road is. Go up until you reach the 1st tent, that's where the check-in counter is.

Another thing to take note of is their payment method. They don't accept credit cards, only bank transfers and cash. So make sure you got enough cash because there are no banks nearby.

You tell them what time you want your barbeque prepared upon check-in. We told them we'd have ours at 8pm, just in time for Mico & Lurdes to arrive. Oh and if you're squirmish about bugs and reptiles, this is a friendly reminder to notify you that there are a lot!
Different nature sound that I can't even distinguish whether they're birds, beetles, lizards, frogs, etc. So please don't be stupid like me and remember to bring your mosquito repellent.

And that's pretty much it for me! Hope this guide helped you big time! I will never ever forget my 1st glamping experience. The key is to have fun regardless of the weather or the situation. And bring along people that matter to you the most. I sure brought mine <3

More Birthday blogposts coming soon because you're girl is going to Phuket, Thailand! Till then, happy reading :)

Much love!

~Katee Of The Day

Photo Credits: Adrian C. (@dash_ad)