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As a blogger traveling to Bali, having a smoothie bowl in a quaint cafe seemed like a must. One of the more famous organic eatery spots in Canggu (you pronounce it as "chang-goo") is the Cafe Organic. Even with our limited time in Bali, I found a way to have a quick stop in between Ubud and Kuta.

We left our hotel in Ubud at 10:30 a.m. and had about an hour ride to Canggu. When we got to the cafe they immediately informed us that their kitchen power was having some technical issues and that they would only be able to serve drinks and smoothie bowls. Quite a bummer. Luckily we already had heavy breakfast back at our hotel.

Cafe Organic Bali (Canggu Branch)
- Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 58, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
- Contact: +62 878-6017-2070
Operating Hours: Open Daily, 07:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Official Site:
- Facebook: Cafe Organic @cafeorganicbali

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1. The Afrika - IDR $65,000 
I had a hard time deciding which smoothie bowl to get. It was the organic peanut butter and vegan caramel that won me over. It tasted so good! But I got full so fast that I didn't get to empty the whole bowl. 

2. Unicorn Craze - IDR $50,000
Probably my favorite out of everything we ordered. The moment I saw the unicorn I was like "we should order this one". The matcha chia seeds were so addicting to eat! And just like the smoothie bowl, it was actually quite a heavy meal that I got full immediately.

3. Iced Chai Latte - IDR $39,000
I've never tasted chai tea as good as this before. It's funny how I wanted to try their coffee so bad but ended up having milk tea instead. Reason being is my stomach was aching a few hours ago and I felt like having coffee wasn't the best idea. No regrets though, their iced chai latte was really refreshing! 

4. Iced Taro Latte - IDR $30,000
Adrian got himself an iced taro latte, it was recommended by the server there. IT WAS REALLY GOOD! Even I ended up taking a few sips off his drink. Mostly when he wasn't looking. Haha!

What I should've tried was their bottled kombuchas. The one thing I regret is not having kombucha in Bali at all! If ever you're planning your Bali holiday, make sure to include kombucha in your list! Food wise? It was great! Everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. And I feel less guilty eating these pretty foods knowing that they are all organic! Talk about a win win situation.

The cafe looks absolutely stunning! Very laid back and the definite answer to my bohemian interior dreams. Every corner looks exactly like the pictures I saw and every corner is very instagrammable! We were so lucky that we got the corner seat I wanted. It was the outdoor seating that had a single hammock chair. There weren't much people yet when we arrived and the people that were there preferred to sit indoors since it was 32 degrees outside. Didn't let that stop me though.

There are lots more cafes around Canggu so I'm definitely trying out another cute and pretty cafe the next time I come around. I highly recommend Cafe Organic, it's such a chill and cozy spot to enjoy healthy eats and have a great time. Go be a "GARDEN GANGSTA" if ever you pass by!

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Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. I love the healthy/vegan scene in Bali :)

    1. True!!! It's like almost their lifestyle already :)