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ONE OF THE BEST PLACES I'VE EVER BEEN TO! I've been seeing so much photos and vlogs about The Dessert Museum since they opened in February 10, 2018. I'm a sucker for both sweet treats and instagrammable places, so you could imagine my eagerness to make it there one day. And I did. We had a day to spare last April 25th when I went to the Philippines with my mom and sister; immediately, I asked them if they would be fine visiting this cute museum. I mean, who could resist? There were 8 sweet fun-filled rooms in total and 6 of them offered treats (payment for treats are already included in the entrance fee). They often have promotional offers and discounts; we didn't book in advance so we took the "walk-in" rate for PHP 699/person. It's actually quite cheap in my opinion. 

Venue: The Dessert Museum
Address: Unit 124, 126, 127a, Coral Way, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Official Site:
Instagram: @dessertmuseum

Obviously I vlogged the whole thing so keep scrolling to watch and enjoy some more of our photos!

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My favorite room has got to be the Bubblegum Room, which ironically, is the only room that has no photo in this post. You could see it in my vlog though, it's the part where I got to be inside a huge bubble for a few seconds. I also really enjoyed the Ice Cream Room (even if it was difficult to walk with all those balls) and the Cake Pop Room just because I got to come in like a wrecking ball. Haha! The prettiest room has got to be the Cotton Candy Room because, obviously, it was all pink. 

As I've mentioned in the previous paragraph, 6 out of 8 rooms gave free treats and I didn't even get to finish any of them. I ate the pink chocolate coated marshmallow and the strawberry macaroon halfway, the mango ice cream gave me brain freeze, only ate 1 out of 3 gummy bears, took 2 bites off the cake pop, and didn't even bother getting cotton candy. I swear, I felt like I was about to pass out with all the sugar intake I had in an hour or so.

Despite the diabetes you get to bring home, the whole experience was totally worth it! It's perfect for anyone of all ages and for those who just wants to unleash their inner child (like me, haha!). Would I go back again? Maybe, probably the next time would be with Adrian. Also, your gram-game would be so strong so don't forget to take photos if you get to visit! Oh well, that's it for me today *muah*!

Photo Credits to: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)


  1. My favorite room is the first one! Have to visit soon :)

    1. Yeh the donut room was so pretty! No free donuts though😅