Je M'appelle Katee

Bonne journée! Looking back to one of my unpublished posts in 2017, here's to when the weather was just starting to get chilly. On the day we took these photos, I had some relatives from the Philippines come over and thought of walking them around Fisherman's Wharf. Of course, I had to squeeze in a quick photoshoot because my outfit was effing-cute! I've posted a few of this look's photos on my Instagram and got a lot of love for it. A few people also said that this outfit feels very "me". To be honest, I thought I was pushing myself a bit out of my comfort zone when I wore this look. Especially with the high burgundy socks and shoes combo? Yikes! However, I ended up really liking this look and thought I look very "French"... well, stereo-typically. 

Again, it was very cloudy that day. To us, well mostly to my boyfriend/photographer, natural lighting is a very crucial part when taking photos. He gets very grouchy when he can't nail a single picture because of dark skies. I don't complain though; he really knows his stuff. But we always still try, and sometimes, the pictures turn out better than expected like this look! -- #bloggerproblems. Do you ever go through the same problem? Or something similar? Moody skies isn't the only thing that ruins photos for us... there comes bad angles, unwanted details in the background, and more often - annoying people. It really feels rewarding when we get a single photo or two that looks great even if having the mentioned factors involved. 

Well that's just a bit of sharing with what goes on behind the camera. If you take pictures like us, you've probably went through the same situation. Anyways, I guess I'll talk to you next time. "à la prochaine."

x Top & Hat: H&M // Skirts: Pull & Bear // Shoes: Forever21 // Socks: Thrift Shop // Bag: Zalora // Sunnies: Local Stall in Koh Samui x
Photo Credits to: Adrian Coronado (@dash_ad)


  1. I really love your beret babe! Ang cute ng outfit mo simple but rock. :)

    xx Sushmita |